In the past multiple years, Sandcastles Technology Inc has pioneered the provision of a formidable client information Security Service for organizations. Using corporate-grade encryption, Sandcastles has continuously made client information more protected and secure.

The growing acceptance of our cutting edge safety system among a wide spectra including personal users have led the company to embark on diversification efforts aimed at catering for individual users as well. With this expansion, individuals as well as companies can now send and receive mails through our secure portal which employs encryption technology.

Our secure email solution allows users access to our secure portal from where they would be able to exchange correspondences, monitor, audit and retract previous communications on the platform. With added features to enhance functionality and ease of doing business such as the read/receipt notifications which let’s you know the moment your intended recipient reads the message and the read-reminder notification which alerts you to unread messages and prompts the recipient later on, we have empowered our clients to keep better tabs on their commitments.

The fact of increased mobility on the part of business managers coupled with flexible work hours is not lost on us. We have thus integrated Microsoft Outlook with your mobile devices, optimizing them for increased efficiency while allowing you work on the go. With this, your mobile devices can now be connected directly to our secure portal.

The sophistication of cyber attackers with increased potentiality for identity theft due largely to personally identifiable information sent via unsecured channels each day have made the need for encryption technology not an option but a necessity for your business and family.

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