The American Bar Association (ABA) has had cause to revisit the continued use of emails as a means of communication vis-à-vis the duty of client confidentiality and have strongly advised that all firms and practices utilize an email encryption solution to protect sensitive information.
Lawyers have to deal with a lot of sensitive information ranging from personal to financial details such as first & last names, healthcare information, personal records, credit card numbers, bank account numbers, social security numbers, driver’s license numbers, and a lot of other sensitive client information. Most of these information are communicated using emails, creating the need to utilize platforms that comply with information safety.

At Sandcastles Technology Inc, our secure email solutions are designed to comply with all laws and regulations both federal and state pertaining to email safety. Our Microsoft Outlook add-ins allow clients to communicate via secure channels by receiving emails directly from their Outlook application. For communication on the firm’s websites, we have developed solutions which are deployed directly on the website to ensure security of all such communications.

While disclaimers for unauthorized persons reading emails may suffice for letting you off the liability hook, the effect of sensitive information getting to the hands of third parties could be damaging. Since information is power, the third party might wield it to your enormous disadvantage as the human mind cannot be formatted to unread what it has read. You must thus, always pay special attention to the confidentiality of communication between you and your client. It is important to note that Attorneys are fiduciaries and are held to a high standard. Where this fiduciary relationship is breached by negligence represented in a mishandling of sensitive information, it could lead to a loss of confidence in your firm, if not an outright claim for damages in negligence or even penalties for criminal breach. Things like this can bring down an entire firm.

It is in this knowledge of what your job entails that our team have designed a Cloud-based portal which allows you to recall sent messages and track your emails and messages on Microsoft Outlook add-ins, ensuring you are in full control of your communications.

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