When we discuss security of information, it will always come down to the financial institutions. We have thus taken into consideration this sector in designing a secure communication technology. Our secure solutions comply with all financial digital security regulations at both state and federal levels including the requirements of GLBA, SOX, and SEC.

Our secure email solution for the financial sector is designed to offer maximum security for financial details and operates across varied cloud-based portals. With the flexibility which comes with our solutions, the secure email service can be integrated into all versions of Microsoft Outlook. Also, secured communication may be had on the portals as well as the added advantage of being able to keep tabs on communication, including recalling sent emails. Add to this the ability to audit licensed accounts in the shortest possible time and you begin to have a picture of just how advanced our systems are.

Also, featured in our secure inbound email solution is the option for clients and other visitors to compose and send secure emails to your company directly from the website. The feeling is as if you are in the same room with your clients, a virtual town hall meeting. Clients could also compose emails and send directly to the desired department or section of the larger company while on the website. This reduces the chain of information transmission, restricting it within a secured digital room.



Financial Compliance Information

GLBA Compliance

As indicated by the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act’s (GLBA) compliance necessities, every single Financial Institution must “guarantee the security and privacy of this kind of data. As a feature of its usage of the GLB Act, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issued the Safeguards Rule, which requires money related foundations under FTC ward to have measures set up to keep client data secure. Be that as it may, defending client data isn’t only the law. It additionally bodes well. When you indicate clients, you think about the security of their own data, you increment their trust in your organization.”


SOX Compliance

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act was passed in 2002 to help guarantee that investors and the overall population are shielded from big business accounting mistakes and fraud acts. It likewise helps by “enhancing the precision and reliability of corporate revelations made as per the securities laws, and for different purposes.”

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